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    Corrado Mazzola on #37598

    Dear Buddydev

    We have implented a second language using WPML to our site. What we note is that thanks buddypress multilingual everything works fine. The only problem we face so far is that the link to the user and to a photo (we use mediapress) generated as a notification by LATEST ACTIVITY WIDGET, brings to original language in wich the photo was added to a gallery. We suppose that this because the photo is not duplicated in both languages by WPML. Do you have any suggestion on how to solve this problem?
    Any how while we try to solve this problem, can you please provide me with a code to remove all links in the latest activity notification related to adding a photo to a gallery.

    Thank you so much

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    Brajesh Singh on #37620

    Hi Corrado,
    Thank you for the post.

    MediaPress is not compatible with WPML. I am sorry, we don’t have any plan for it currently.


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    Corrado Mazzola on #37647

    Hi Brajesh

    Thank for your answer. Do you have any suggestion of wich multilanguage plugin can we use compatible with mediapress?

    Thank you

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