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    Nash on #8761

    Hi, I have seen various questions but can’t find a definitive answer – see
    #5990 and #5981. If I go to my “Gallery” tab on buddypress menu it shows me my Galleries, fine, if I were to click on the title of my gallery it goes to a page showing all the media items in that gallery in a grid, I would like these media items to be displayed in a lightbox dialog once clicked rather than redirecting to it’s own page? Please could you give me a code example of how to do this or any advice on how to accomplish this. Thanks for your time.
    Also is it possible to just upload a photo or media item without putting it in a gallery?


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    Brajesh Singh on #8908

    Hi Nash,
    Welcome to BuddyDev.

    Please visit Dashboard->Settings->MediaPress and click on the theming tab. you can enable the light box there.

    Hope that helps.

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