Limit gallery output to specific number of images

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    Adam Soucie on #24114


    I’m trying to alter the default gallery behavior, depending on the membership level the user has. For example, if they are a free member, they’ll only be able to see the first 5 images of any given photo gallery.

    While I already have the logic worked out, I’m struggling to find documentation on customizing the template files (so I can add my custom logic). How exactly would I go about that?

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    Brajesh Singh on #24129

    Hi Adam,
    Please copy plugin/mediapress/templates/mediapress/default/gallery/views/grid-photo.php to your theme/mediapress/default/gallery/views/grid-photo.php and modify it.

    The loop you see there is exactly same as a post loop(extended).

    It is not used for lightbox though. Light box, please see “mediapress/core/ajax/class-mpp-ajax-lightbox-helper.php”


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