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    Milan Latinovic on #25521

    Hi everyone,

    I already had a question about link previews but now I have the other one.
    Right now, links are previewed if the link is in the new row.

    But, if the link has some text in the same row, then preview will not happen.

    Is it possible to somehow configure plugin to preview links always (weather there is a text in the same line or not doesn’t matter)?

    Please take a look at the example below:

    Reason why we would need this is because we expect users on our social network to heavily share links, but in most of the cases they won’t separate these links in new rows (resulting in missing preview).

    Maybe this could be done with a filter or some rule that would recognize all https:// contents and execute preview function on them?

    If you could provide us with quick solution or a snippet on how to make this work it would be great.

    Kind regards,

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    Brajesh Singh on #25537

    Hi Milan,
    Thank you for the question.

    Due to some other priority, I am unable to check and assist currently. Please allow me to look into it by Tuesday.

    Thank you

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    Milan Latinovic on #25544

    Hi Brajesh,

    Not a problem at all, let me know when you have some idea on how to solve it.
    Also, if I can do or test anything from my side to help, will gladly do it.

    Kind regards,

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