Little bugs discovered in BP Groups

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    Daniel on #20523


    I have discovered some little bugs in BP Groups.

    1. When somebody creates a new Group and goes through the steps, then the tabs above receive a green line underneath in order to show to the user at what tab he is. But then when the user wants to go to a previous tab, then the green line should also disappear. Instead they remain green.

    2. When the user invites other users to join the Group, then on top there is a tab which says: Send Invites (5) but I think it is not obvious to the user shall he click on the button “Next” on the bottom or click on the tab on top “Send Invites (5) in order to send invites. The send Invites Tab might should also look as a button too.

    3. When the user enters an additional message before sending out all invites to the selected members, then in the email to join the group, the text message is not included.

    I thought to inform you guys regarding it in case you would like to improve some of the mentioned issues for next updates?

    Thanks for your attention & Regards

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