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    Richard Barlow on #35480

    Hi, I have defined 7 member types and have set up profile field to allow multi member type.

    If a user has two (or more) member types, how can I define which member type is used on login to take the user to the URL defined for that member type.

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    Brajesh Singh on #35503

    Hi Richard,
    While calculating redirect, we ask BuddyPress to give us only 1 member type.

    BuddyPress will return the Member type whose name comes last alphabetically(in ascending order).

    Example, if you have a user with Three member types “person”, “teacher” and “male”. The member type used for calculating redirect will be “teacher” as it is the last word that comes alphabetically.

    Please note, It is the member type unique name and not the label which decides the order.


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