Looking to Show Buddypress Form to only Site admin/Manager


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    Muhammad Bilal on #41885


    I am looking to show buddypress registration form to Site admins/managers to add member, but currently due to registerd member i am being redirected towrds home page.

    Can anyone please help me to remove that redirect so i can check the registration form and add only perons which i wants also disable the registration form to non login users and only show to admins.

    PLease help me please i am stuck here.

    Thanks in Advance

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    Brajesh Singh on #41891

    Welcome to BuddyDev support forums.

    I am sorry, simply removing the redirect is not going to help much as there are 2 many other places where there will be checks for logged user when you submit the form.

    My suggestion will be to looking for an alternative to add support for BuddyPress Fields on user registration in the Dashboard->Users->add New page.

    There does not seem to be any plugin available for this and it is not feasible to achieve in few lines of code, so I will suggest an alternative).

    You should register the user from Dashboard->Users->add new and then go to dashboard->Users and edit the profile of that user. You will find the “Extended Profile” section. You can add the xprofile data there.


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