mark as spammer – from the private message window?

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    djSteve on #35937

    I am considering the mark as spammer plugin – but I do not see id it can also be used within the massaging / private message screen?

    Perhaps this is kind of a crossover for ‘private message rate limiter’ – and moderation tools..

    for my community – the most common report for spammers is when they are encountered in the private messages – so the option for users to report them right there on that screen would be good (if it’s currently possible, perhaps add that to the description of the plugin? – maybe I missed it?)

    Would be great to have a report threshold where so that other members did not have to see the spam – not only are they blocked from sending more – but any other users who got the ’email me at xxxGmail for my private whatever’ – could also be hidden –


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