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    Elio on #5465

    Something about Mediapress:
    1) When I upload a media from activity page I can correctly see the media in activity page but no way to open it from media gallery (neither from profile tab and admin dashboard). I see wall photo/video but if I try to open them it open like a post with just an image that is the photo/video gallery wall. From activity page if I click on e medi I open the lightbox, If I reclick the media i get an error 404 (page not found). Please let me know if I can help with more details

    2) I’m traslating the plugin in italian language (I plan to traslate also in spanish and send you mo/po of both; at the moment I’m traslating just front end, I think the most important for website developer, not admin statements), but:
    2.1) in activity, is not traslated “potho” word of the statement “username added x new “photos”. Is it “%s” (line 261)? how can I traslat it for all the statements?
    2.2) are not traslated the names of the gallery walls (My gallery, Wall video Gallery, Wall photo Gallery)
    2.3) what do you mean with “Is Orphan Media”?
    Let me know if you prefer I send you italian mo/po file just know to verify point 2

    Advice for other development
    3.1-auto generated thumbnail for video (must have!!)
    3.2-auto link prview when link are posted on activity page

    Thanks for all!

    Thank you!

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