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    don on #42381

    I have two artists related websites, buddypress, mediapress installed. On the home page I want to pull pictures of artwork members uploaded to the galleries. I sort of figured it out for each gallery but I like to pull 10 or 15 pictures from each gallery that appear in same place on the home page.. So the home page is just pictures of artwork from the galleries. Sort of like pinterest I guess. What is the short code to do this and set limit as to number of photos from each gallery that will show on the home page. Water Color gallery, oil painting gallery, pencil art gallery as example. Pull 10 or 15 last uploaded pictures from all those galleries to show on home page. thanks in advance.

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    Ravi on #42382

    Hello Don,

    Welcome to the BuddyDev Forums. Check the following resource:


    Please check ‘Gallery Parameters’ for listing media from different galleries. We can not apply limits on media from different galleries with the current version of the shortcode.

    Please let me know if you need further assistance


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    don on #42394

    can i hire you to make that happen? i sent you a request for this customization yesterday

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