Mediapress – a couple of feature requests

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    Venutius on #5557

    Hi, I’d like to see the following features added:

    1. The ability to change the sort order that the media items are displayed on a per gallery basis:

    – Latest media first
    – oldest media first (which is how it works now)
    – Alphabetical sort.

    2. Multiple pages per gallery

    – Right now, if you have say 20 items set per page, and someone uploads 21 items, there is no way to see the 21st item unless you change the global gallery setting to say 25, on an active site this is a bit of a limitation.

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    Brajesh Singh on #5643

    Hi George,
    Thank you

    1. It will come sometime in future.

    2. It is already part of MediaPress. Most probably you have playlist view enabled for the video/audio that’s why you don’t see it. It should be visible on photo galleries(always) and on audio/video gallery when grid view is used.

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    Venutius on #5644

    You are right, I’ve been using playlist view for audio uploads. I’ll check out the other options

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