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    Steven May on #33636

    Im having a problem with MediaPress and the BuddyPress Activity Feed where the userds are not always seeing the preview stored of a shared link. So the user goes to the activity feed and pastes a link and the preview imeediately shows up, but after posting the activity update the preview dissappears and all you see is the link. The issue appears sporadic happening about 40-50% of the time. I need to ensure that MediaPress and/or BussyPress grabs and stores the preview in the activity feed forever. SI there a way to ensure this in the MediaPress addons?

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    Brajesh Singh on #33643

    Hi Steven,

    If MediaPress shows the preview, It does store the markup in meta. So, It will always work.

    Can you please provide me step by step guide on how to reproduce it. Were you adding via MediaPress or just pasting the url in Activity form?


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    Steven May on #33646

    When a user goes to their profile or any acrtivity page and attemtps to paste a link from any other site (Romming Stone for example) an image and an excerpt show up immediately. But after submitting the activity update by clicking on “Post” the system doesnt always retin the previewed content, sometimes it dissappears and just a link is there.

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