MediaPress and WPML compatibility

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    Richard Foley on #11628

    hi Brajesh,

    it would be good to get MediaPress into the list of WPML compatible plugins:



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    Brajesh Singh on #11641

    Hi Richard,
    Thank you.
    To be honest, It’s my fault. The WPML team were very helpful but due to my own schedule I was not able to make it compatible/use their install.

    I will try to contact them and see if I can get the things working this time.

    Thank you

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    Corrado Mazzola on #37616

    Hi Brajesh
    There is any update to this compatibility issue?

    Thank you

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    Brajesh Singh on #37619

    Hi Corrado
    At the moment, MediaPress is not compatible with WPML. Our priorities have changed and MediaPress is not a current priority for at least another 6 months.

    I am sorry about this.


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