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    NikB on #19120

    Hi there

    I’m using the latest versions of Buddypress/Mediapress and am experiencing some issues with regard to comments on images/BP Notifications/email as follows –

    Note: I did also try installing the BuddyPress Activity Comment Notifier but this didn’t seem to have any noticeable effect on these issues.

    Scenario 1 – User comments on an update (new image) in the activity stream

    BP Notification appears and the image owner is sent an email BUT…but the link in both takes them to their own feed eg. mywebsite/members/nik/mediapress/my-new-one/#activity-345 but doesn’t necessarily show them which image was commented upon.

    How to include a link to the image rather than the update?

    Scenario 2 – User comments in the light box or single media page

    No BP Notification and no email sent

    How to resolve this?

    Users are also finding it confusing that comments made on an image in an update appear in a different place to comments made on an image in the lightbox/single media, so I’m thinking maybe it would be simplest to find a way to restrict comments to the lightbox/single media ONLY. However… I need to fix issue 2 above first.

    Any suggestions for achieving any/all of the above would be very much appreciated.

    With many thanks in advance.

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