Mediapress – Creating Galleries from Admin view seeems to fail

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    Venutius on #865

    Hi there,

    From the admin mediapress options I ceated a photo gallery. Although the gallery appears in the gallery page, I find I cannot upload images to it, it simply reverts to the gallery summary view.

    Also, this gallery does not show up in “My Gallery” view.

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    Venutius on #875

    I’ve worked this out now, it is for the creation of sitewide galleries. These show in the gallery list but clicking on them takes you to the gallery list again. Only the admin seems to be able to upload to these galleries.

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    Brajesh Singh on #886

    You are right. If the sitewide galleries are not enabled, It will not work. I will disable the Add Gallery button in next update if the sitewide gallery is not enabled. From backend, you can edit/delete all type of the galleries but only sitewide galleries can be created.

    I went with tis route to make the first use of new gallery screen better. Otherwise, we need to provide choices for component( say groups, select group to attach etc) and that makes the whole experience bad.

    That’s why only sitewide gallery creation is allowed. At the moment, only admins are allowed but I have plans to allow it to editors/contributors/authors as well.

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