mediapress – how to use member edit, remove Botton(site-gallery)

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    hyunho on #33318


    use to WordPress + BBPress + Buddypress + Mediapress

    i want to allow to member upload on site-gallery
    <== this is solved from plugin : “MediaPress Global Shared Gallery”

    After a member (Non-Admin) uploaded, I would like to edit or delete the photo I uploaded,
    but it is impossible because the edit/remove menu does not appear.

    I would like to edit or delete an image uploaded by a normal user(non-admin, login member)

    non-admin(login member)’s current status
    View Add Media

    (Picture) (Picture) (Picture)

    Want to say Something, xxxx

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    Brajesh Singh on #33323

    Hi hyunho,
    Thank you fro using the plugin.

    For shared gallery, we don’t seem to have enable dthe editing/deleting currently for the contributors(except gallery creator).

    If you are familiar with code, you can filter on MediaPress permissions to achieve the same.


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    hyunho on #33327

    Hi Brajesh

    I hope modify to MediaPress permissions but does not familiar with code

    Can the uploaded images user help with direct editing/deleting their images?

    This gallery is only viewable by members, and the purpose is for logged-in members to share their screenshots with each other.
    So, the uploaded user needs the right to edit/remove directly

    Please help me so i can fix this problem

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    Ravi on #33439

    Hello hyunho,

    Thank you for posting. Please use the following code to allow media author to edit or delete media from global shared gallery. Also please make sure to disable “private” status from the settings as if enabled user can set private status for their media using edit screen and it cause problem as it will go away from the gallery media list.



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    hyunho on #33453

    Thank you Brajesh

    Try it out and if you have any problems, I will leave feedback again

    Thank you all the time for your help.

    Best Regards,

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