Mediapress Image Comment Logic

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    Shashi Kumar on #10897

    Hi Brajesh,
    I have been using mediapress plugin for last 3 months. The current’s commenting system for single and multiple images is little confusing. I want to give some simple suggestion and logics.

    1. Let’s say a user uploaded one photo. We can show large image on the activity rather than small thumbnail image. It will increase the appearance in the activity.If he is uploading multiple images, let it be thumbnail grids.

    Commenting System on Media

    1.When the user clicks on the single image, can we give a comment system similar to the activity comment. Once we make a comment can’t we bind it with the activity with which the image is associated. Here, we are finding the activity which is associated with that image and adding the comment to that activity.

    2. If people uploads multiple photo, it will have an unique activity id. Now if some people clicks on a particular single media, We can update the comment to that unique activity.
    In case the activity became old and if the user comment on the image . A new comment activity will come in which user can check the image by going view conversation.

    May be this can help you in making mediapress more user friendly.

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    Brajesh Singh on #10926

    Hi Shashi,
    Thank you for using MediaPress.

    1. Large single image:- Thank you. Yes, many people have suggested it and I believe we should do it in our next 2 releases.

    Commenting System on Media:-
    1. I am sorry but I am mistaken here. This is exactly what should happen(for single uploads)
    2. Good suggestion. Currently, we do not do it. We instead create a separate activity.

    I will experiment over the weekend and will keep you updated.

    Thank you

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