Mediapress images inserted into the Activity stream

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    Venutius on #835

    I’ve been doing a little bit of testing on the activity stream actions. I noticed a couple of things.

    Image upload without comment does not seem to complete properly, there is no post button until to click on the comment window, I think there should be the option just to upload an image without comment, so display a post button straight from image upload.

    If like me, the user decides to navigate away from the page after simply uploading the image, without clicking on the comment window, then the uploaded image appears in the activity stream but is broken in that clicking on it does not open up the image.

    I think once you upload an image, it should not appear in the activity stream until after a positive insert action has been applied by clicking on a post image button. This would avoid leaving a broken image in the activity stream should only half the action me carried out and would also give the user the option of simply posting an image without a comment.

    The comment dialogue on images within the activity stream to me is problematic for two reasons:

    1. It does not have text inviting people to comment.
    2. The layout of the comment alongside the image means that the image does not get as large and impactful as it could be if the comment window were to appear below it.

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    Venutius on #836

    Also the audio player on the activity feed is not showing the play/pause and mute/unmute buttons correctly, they are just white squares currently.

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    Brajesh Singh on #845

    Hi George,
    Thank you for testing.

    1. If you upload from activity scree, the uploads must have some text attached. That is expected. Also, if you upload but move to other screen(without posting activity), The media will not appear in activity. I have tested it again and just confirming. Please do check again. We call these media orphan media, and in the settings you can enable theme media to be visible to the uploader or not.

    2. I checked the audio player, It is an issue as buddypress.css is applying the button css on the controls and overriding WordPress audio player cotrols. We will need to override them as it will happen with almost all themes with theme compat. I am looking for a more simple solution before going to override it.

    3. A lightbox without comment option is coming in 2-3 days as alternative.

    Thank you

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