Mediapress – Import media from url is not working

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    sn on #36654

    getting this error – Sorry, can not add the url.

    Mediapress is a great plugin, and fixing this bug would improve it functionality to a major extent.

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    Brajesh Singh on #36663

    Hi SN,
    Thank you for using the plugin.
    From the message it seems you are using a url which is neither supports OEmbed nor is a direct url to a file.

    Mediapress currently only supports urls which are either a direct link to media file or support oEmbed(such as youtube/vimeo etc).


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    sn on #36672

    links from youtube, facebook video are not working, also direct image links from google images are not working. I am using the latest version of mediapress from wordpress.org

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    Ravi on #36684

    Hello SN,

    Please let me know have you enabled the following settings option turned on or not.

    1. Enable adding media through link?.
    2. Enable adding direct link to files from other sites?
    3. Download the file to your server?
    4. Enable oembed support?

    You can find these settings under MediaPress > Settings

    I have tested it on my end and all options working for me.


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