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    Andy on #9981


    I have installed Mediapress with Buddypress and it works fine with the administrator.

    But for some reason the back-end menu of another user only shows the Mediapress/All galleries menu, but not the submenus “Add Photo Gallery”, “Add Audio Gallery”, …

    I do use a custom user role (for the s2member plugin), but I tried swapping to the Author, Editor, … roles, with the same result. Only after swapping to the Administrator role, it worked, but I can’t do that for common users of course 🙂

    Any idea how I can fix this please?



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    Brajesh Singh on #9986

    Hi Andy,
    The current dashboard add option is not properly designed for author or lower levels. We need to work on it a little bit. For now, Please let the users use front end gallery creation.

    We will make sure to put a new release next week and make the backend options proper for user with all kind of roles(based on the site policy)

    Thank you

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