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    Joseph Cordova on #6534

    Hello Brajesh Singh

    I love this plugin. I came across an issue that I need some advice on: When I comment on a post in the Mediapress “Activity Feed” I see that each comment adds an additional and seperate post. This tends to clutter the activity feed and I’d like to limit the comments to only being in the lightbox.

    Also my theme KLEO Theme “Buddyapp” comes with a comment button built in. I”m noticing that the comment button stationed in the activity feed will not count the mediapress comments. The comment button has a counter inside of it, so if there is “3 Commments” it will only count the seperate comments not made with Mediapress in the lightbox. How can I either fix or work around these 2 issues. Thank you.

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    Brajesh Singh on #6548

    Hi Joseph,
    Thank you for posting and using MediaPress.

    1. Yes, we need to improve the activity commenting a little more. Currently, the activity generated for the media commenting uses same logic as the activity for blog posts. For each new Blog comment, a new activity is generated. We will improve it in future though. Btw, It only applies to top level comment on media not on replies.

    2. Can you please ask theme developer and let me know if the count is activity count or the blog comment count? I am not understanding it properly. A screenshot will help.

    Thank you

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    Joseph Cordova on #6601

    Hello Brajesh

    I’m still waiting to here from my theme developer on the count. Also Does the plugin “Activity Reactions for Buddypress? work well with Mediapress? I’ve been having some issues with it.

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