MediaPress, mpp-list-media shortcode and sending media files in comments


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    Arslan on #34260

    thank you for the MediaPress plugin!
    We will use it and support you!

    While working with your plugin, there are a number of questions:
    1. Using the shortcode to output audio recordings [mpp-list-media for = “displayed” type = “audio” view = “playlist” per_page=”2″], page navigation does not work. I.e. two audio recordings are output, but the savigation itself is not shown. Page navigation does not work precisely if you put view = “playlist” in the short code of audio recordings.

    2. A very important question. If the plug-in allows you to send media files to standard wordpress comments? Or do you need to write your code for this? This is a very important function, and if you implement it in further updates, it will be great to promote MediaPress.

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    Brajesh Singh on #34269

    Hi Arsalan,
    Thank you for the questions.

    1. Playlist view does not support pagination. Please use grid view and it shoudl work.

    2. No. Currently we only support Media attachment with BuddyPress Activity updates. We are expecting to support other places too in near future.


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