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    adam gibbs on #33471

    I’ve added the star rating addon and it doesn’t ‘re-set’ back to 0 when a different user logs in.

    For example, if I login and rate a photo as 4 stars then log in as another user, the previuos 4 star rating still shows. So I can’t rate any lower. However, if I click any lower the rating stays at 4 stars. If I then log back in as the first user I get a notification of the lower rating but the second user has record of their rating.

    Is the plugin supposed to re-set to 0 for different users?

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    Ravi on #33567

    Hello Adam,

    Thank you for using the plugin. This plugin behaves like it allows media to be rated from 0 to 5 star and then show an average rating from all the users those rated on the media. It does not reset media rating to 0 for the individual user.


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    adam gibbs on #33705

    Hi Ravi,

    Thanks for getting back to me with the info.



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