MediaPress Suggestion – Display only a single activity when photos are added

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    Rob on #38786

    I had MemberPress set to show an activity in BuddyBoss when images are uploaded and albums are created. I turned off the former because it displays a new activity entry for every single image added to the album.

    It’s useful to show when updates have been made, but not 100 individual activities when an album with 100 images is created. Maybe it needs some sort of intelligence or rule to avoid that.

    Or, maybe add a third activity type: “Album updated” – Then one could turn off the activity for all the individual image uploads and still see when an album is created or updated.

    Anyhow.. it’s not a biggie. Just had the issue here and decided to make a suggestion for improvement.

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    Brajesh Singh on #38788

    Hi Rob,
    Thank you for using MediaPress.

    1. this feature is already available. You can disable automatic posting to activity stream and now from the gallery edit pages, you can publish a list of media to activity as album update.

    Please do know that BuddyBoss has been working on their own video component and that’s why we don’t have any proper integration with them.


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