Mediapress support for 3gp video files

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    Venutius on #6829

    I added support for 3gp video files however there seems to be more to supporting files of this format than simply adding the file extension to the list. When you view the gallery you just see the fiename rather than a video icon, I’m thinking that this is because WordPress’ video player does not support the format. Any suggestions on how to get support for these files?

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    Brajesh Singh on #6844

    Hi George,
    You are right. The 3gp files are not playable by the browser by default and that’s why. MediaPress handle adding, uploading, deleting etc. The playing is delegated to WordPress and uses MediaElement.js player.

    It will be possible in future when we provide a plugin for conversion to a different media format. Though, that will not work on any shared server.

    Hope that clarifies.

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    Joseph Scarpa on #14156

    Just would like to know what the status is on this. MediaPress is a must have plugin and 3GP is useful for mobile phone users.

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    Brajesh Singh on #14170

    Hi Joseph,
    Our solution for converting video/audio will be available in May this year. Next month, we are planning to have the Remote Media(It has been due for long) and get 1.5.0 out.

    Earlier the time was not justified but now we do have a proper userbase and this has got higher priority.

    Thank you

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