Mediapress Thumbnails for Like activity

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    NikB on #50461

    Hi Brajesh

    Using WP ULike creates an activity entry when a member “likes” a Mediapress photo.

    I’d love to be able to add a thumbnail of the image to the “like” activity entry (in the same way as Mediapress does when creating an activity entry for a comment on an image).

    I have access to/can edit the WP ULike function (ie. wp_ulike_add_bp_notifications) which creates the activity entry, and looking at the Mediapress code, it would appear that the function mpp_activity_update_attached_media_ids may be related somehow but I’m struggling to follow the exact process.

    Is there any chance you could point me in the right direction at all?

    With fingers crossed and many thanks in advance.

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