[Resolved] Mediapress thumbnails in activity feed

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    NikB on #50630

    Hi Brajesh

    I’ve just copied a live site to my local server in order to run some updates and now it seems that whenever I upload an image, it’s the full size version that appears in the activity stream rather than a thumbnail.

    Investigating a bit further, I suspect that this may be (at least partly?) due to the fact that the thumbnail versions of the images are not getting created in the uploads/mediapress folder but I can’t for the life of me figure out why!

    The only things that have changed between the live version and my localhost version is that they’re (obviously) on different servers and my localhost version is running a more recent version of PHP.

    Though it shouldn’t make any difference, I’ve tried reverting to the TwentyTwenty theme and disabling all customisations (ie. bp-custom.php) but the thumbnails still aren’t being created and I’m still seeing full size images in the activity feed.

    Any suggestions? I’m really stuck with this one.

    With very many thanks in advance.

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    NikB on #50631

    Oops! Well it took me a while but just realised that this issue has nothing to do with Mediapress but rather the fact that the PHP GD Extension wasn’t enabled on my local server.

    Sorry for troubling you on this one Brajesh and all sorted now 😉

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    Brajesh Singh on #50639

    Hi Nik,
    No issues.
    Have a great day!

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