[Resolved] MediaPress type=photo pagination not working

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    Richard Foley on #12200

    hi Brajesh,

    I’m having a couple of issues using the following shortcode to display images only:

    [mpp-list-media type=”photo” component=”members” status=”public” per_page=12 pagination=1]

    The pagination does not work (it seems to work fine with galleries). Regardless of which parameter is passed/clicked eg; “?mpage=33”, the display always reloads from what would be mpage=1. The variable is visible in the location URL, but the display is always the first page.

    Is there a way to influence the “order by” (date) which is returned?

    I’m using MPP v1.2.0


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    Ravi on #12203

    Hello Richard,

    Brajesh sir is away that’s why I am posting here.

    I have tested this shortcode with MediaPress version 1.1.9 and it is working fine for me. Is there any custom code you are running for MediaPress.

    Yes, MediaPress Media list has order by support into the shortcode. You can use this. Other supported values for this attribute are “none, id, user, title, slug, date,modified, random, comment_count, meta_value,meta_value_num, ids”

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    Richard Foley on #12204

    hi Keymaster,

    thanks for the response. I’ll double-check whether something else is stepping in and taking over the mpage pagination step. Then I’ll feedback here.



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    Richard Foley on #12316

    Ah, it seems that when I use /media/ as the url root of the page for this shortcode, I see the NON-paging behaviour I describe in the bug report.

    However, when I change the url root to something else, say /photos/, then I see the correct paging that would be expected.

    While it’s not a complete fix, it’s enough to suggest this might not be a MediaPress issue, so, closing as resolved. Weird though 🙂

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