Member Type Pro causes duplicate membergroup to show in menu bar.

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    Henk Harms on #45765

    Installed is:
    – BuddyPress Member Types Pro
    – Youzify

    1. Create member type in member type pro.
    2. Add a member to the member group.
    3. Open the directory page, the header shows https://061.bz/wp-content/uploads/2022/07/2022-07-21_09-03-26.jpg (sorry i am still developing the website and trying to fix this hence a live link might not be the best).
    4. Removing members from the member type, no members are attached to the member type, this shows the expected result as in NO duplication of the member type in the menu bar.

    Troubleshoot steps:
    1. Removed all members from the member type group, no member type group listing occurs.
    2. Deleted member type from member type pro list, one member type group remains and I am unable to delete the member type pro entry from the standard member type option. ONly edit is possible no delete.
    3. Doing a DB clean up, allows me to remove the member type pro entry.

    Behaviour I am not sure of:
    1. When creating a member type in member type pro an entry is also made in member type (the standard one that comes with buddypress). Is that correct?
    2. When deleting an entry out of member type pro, the entry still remains in the standard member type. Is that correct?

    Anyway if someone can help me out on how to avoid the duplicate member type groups showing in the member page… then that will be most appreciated.


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    Brajesh Singh on #45772

    Hi Henk,
    Thank you for using the plugins.

    With BuddyPress 8.0+, Member Types is a core feature of BuddyPress. If you do not need member type based redirection, or conditional fields on Registration, you can disable member types pro.

    As far as the tabs are concerned, It seems that Youzer as well as Member Types pro, both are adding it.

    If you want, we can update Member Types pro with the ability to disable the tab addition. Please let me know.

    PS:- If you are planning to use youzer, most of our plugins will have compatibility as youzer does not follow any standard BuddyPress practices and have everything in their own custom way.


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