Member Types Pro, cant control display order of hidden fields

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    Olaf Rudolfsen on #39752

    I am hiding fields, that would be only available for a certain member type. The Problem is I cant control its display order on my registration. I have arrange the order in profile fields but this doesn’t get followed when a member type gets click, it has its own order of displaying those hidden fields.

    It is really crucial to the success of our site, that we can set up the order of those fields, as this would greatly affect on potential customers users experience!

    I hope there is a way or a work around for this problem. Thank you so much…

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    Brajesh Singh on #39756

    Hi Olaf,
    I am sorry, the member types pro does not change order of any field. If you have enabled registration condition from member types, It uses javascript to show or hide your fields.

    The field orders are controlled by BuddyPress(unless your theme does something strange, It is BuddyPress signup fields order).


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