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    Bill Musial on #26851

    Hi, I’m having a couple of issues with the Member Types Pro plugin.

    Attempting to use the content visibility shortcodes doesn’t seem to work – [bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type] seems to work when logged out ([bpmtp-show-if-member-type] content doesn’t appear), but when logged in, content inside of both shortcodes appears. So [bpmtp-show-if-member-type]foo[/bpmtp-show-if-member-type] and [bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type]bar[/bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type] are both visible.

    Also, when I try to set a user’s member type from the “Extended Profile” section of the user page, there is no dropdown menu available on the right side. I am only able to change member types for users by selecting them from the “All Users” page and using the bulk select “Change Member Type” dropdown menu.

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    Brajesh Singh on #26873

    Hi Bill,
    Welcome to BuddyDev,

    Thank you for the question.

    1. In the above shortcode, you need to specify a member type to which it is not visible like this.

     [bpmtp-show-if-not-member-type in='student,teacher'] seems to work when logged out ([bpmtp-show-if-member-type]

    On that line. In the ‘in’ option, you can specify one or more members type.

    2. Are you using member type profile field? We did disable the dropdown from BuddyPress in favour of the profile field. We might have overdone it if it is not appearing and you are not using profile field.
    I will check and update for this. IF you are using profile field, Please change that to trigger the member type change.


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