Migrating from BP Gallery to MediaPress

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    Venutius on #5764

    I have a problem (other than the lack of a migration plugin)

    On my site I use BP Gallery for two things – photo uploads and a URL based video gallery.

    In my world users like to share youTube videos and photo’s.

    Clearly I can’t continue to use BP Gallery indefinitely, at some point it will break.

    So, what I am looking for is suggestions on how I can have Mediapress and also a youTube video gallery?

    Any ideas? I’ve not seen a youtube specific BP enabled gallery out there.

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    Brajesh Singh on #5767

    Hi George,
    I just replied to your other topic and then noticed it.

    We do have a migrator available for the uploaded files. The problem is with the url. MediaPress does not support URLs yet. We have a major theme release coming this week, after that I will try to get the remote url feature in MediaPress quickly.

    I just recommended in other thread to avoid BP Gallery but I can see the problem lies with the reote urls.

    Thank you

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    Venutius on #5771

    Thanks Brajesh, you are a star

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