Mobile Activity stream, profile streams, and group streams are freezing/breaking

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    karen on #34595

    Hi, I’m having a few issues and am wondering if anyone here has any ideas on how to solve them. I’ve been searching for answers with little results.

    I am using the following theme and relevant plugins:

    Olympus theme version: Version 3.8.5
    Buddypress plugin version: 6.3.0
    Buddyblog plugin version: Version 1.3.6
    youzer plugin version: 2.6.2
    WordPress version: Version 5.5.3

    I recently did a theme update as well as a user update. I reverted back to my previous backup before updating and still had the same issue.

    The problem: On mobile, when you access the activity, profile, and group streams, 2 problems occur. (Desktop works great but I want mobile to work just as well if not better)

    1. When you get to the bottom of any stream, the posts do not automatically load more as on desktop version. Instead, there is a button, which is fine. However, when you click the button, the page freezes completely. You cannot scroll or click anything. If you wait long enough, more posts will finally load. Also, the 3 dots by each post also causes a freeze. Is there a way to fix this? The page loads quickly and I do have wp-rocket which speeds up the page load but does not solve the button freezing issue.

    2. Blank spaces will show in the activity feed. I added some custom css to make posts show as important and that seems to have solved it but it will still happen some rarely.

    I have tried turning off all plugins except for youzer and buddypress and the problem still occurs. I also turned off youzer and the load more button works fine.

    Any advice on what I should do to fix this? Any tips? I have been searching for answers but come up with nothing. I’m still new with coding.

    Any help would be very appreciated!

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    Brajesh Singh on #34600

    Hi Karen,
    Thank you for the question.

    I am afraid we are unable to support you with this as it is neither our theme nor any of our plugins. Also, we have a policy of not supporting anything related to “Youzer”.

    So, please contact either the theme developer or the Youzer team for the same.


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