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    Zach Kinsey on #30032

    It would be great if we could hide activity based on what category the reporter uses.

    For example, if it’s a Nudity report then we probably want to hide it from everyone and not just the reporter.

    However, if it’s something less offensive & debatable like promoting drug use, then we probably only want to hide it from the reporter.

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    Zach Kinsey on #30033

    Another feature request~

    Ability to sync reports to helpdesk software and route the reports within the help desk according to their categories.

    Like Jira Service desk, Freshdesk, etc.

    Some post that is copyright protected may need to be treated immediately.

    Just an example.

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    Brajesh Singh on #30050

    Hi Zach,
    Thank you for the suggestions.

    I will need some time to explore the ideas.
    1. Hiding based on category:- Believe it is a very good idea. Just need time to think on how to provide proper UI for this.

    2. Integration with other API is a vast territory. We do have an internal api which can be used to create addons for syncing with 3rd party services. We do not have any plan for this, but will reconsider it in future.


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