move Follower/Following tabs under friends' tab

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    slim kacem on #19671

    I am using Followers plugin (wich adding Followers/Followings functionnality to Buddypress)
    The plugin is adding two new tabs for Followers and Following people.

    I want to remove those tabs and put there content under friends tab (in two new sub-tabs).

    I tried with your plugin (buddypress User Profile Tabs Creator Pro) but wasn’t able to do that.

    Do you have a code snippet or a way to do that ?

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    Brajesh Singh on #19680

    Hi Slim,
    Thank you for asking.

    I am sorry but this is neither doable via the Profile tabs pro plugin or via a few lines of code.

    I had explored the same criteria for one of my clients in past and I had come to the conclusion that It will need almost 2-4 hours of custom work. We could not do it at that time as the client changed the requirement.

    It is still same. All action needs to be added via a wrapper. There are a lot of functionalities tied to current component, current action and they will need complete custom work.

    It will need 2-4 hours of custom work which we are unable to provide via forum support.

    Please feel free to use our custom development service if you need us to work on it

    Thank you

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