Moving Galleries to Different Users

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    Andrew on #16260

    I have moved galleries to other users however the view gallery page on the front of the site is blank.

    Gallery pics are all pointing to the new gallery & the new gallery owner. If you click the lightbox they show up but not in View Gallery.

    Is there something stopping the view gallery from working. Is their something in the database that needs to change.

    If I add a gallery you can see the view gallery from the front of the site? Is their something extra I need to do to the images to ensure they show in the view gallery.


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    Brajesh Singh on #16263

    Hi Andrew,
    It seems that some of the attributes for the gallery/media was not set properly while moving.

    In order to be valid, a gallery/media must have the following things set

    component_id( stored as _mpp_component_id in post meta )-> value or user or group to which media/gallery belongs to
    post_author:- the uploader user id.
    status(mpp-status taxonomy)- must be set
    type(mpp-type taxonomy) - must be set
    component(mpp-component taxonomy)- must be set

    If any of these are not set or invalid, They will have issues.

    Can you please check and verify.

    Thank you

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