MP Upload section not refreshed after posting

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    Daniel on #31956


    I remember that you have implemented a red x when uploading photos etc. in BP Activity for MediaPress. Yesterday I have posted a pic on my wall and after posting, the uploaded pic was still visible with the red x which means that the section was not refreshed because the pic has been already posted, so it shouldn’t be visible anymore. I then clicked on the red x to close the section and what BP did it has deleted my entire post with the text. I have used Firefox browser.

    Thanks for your assistance to troubleshoot.


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    Brajesh Singh on #31962

    Hi Daniel,
    I am sorry, I am not aware of any such issue with the plugin.

    We have tested with Nouveau as well as legacy. It is most probably a conflict with your theme. I will suggest asking the theme developers to see if they support MediaPress or not?


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