Multiple member live stream – book event – pay – join live stream

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    Melanie on #44939

    I am new to BuddyPress and was hoping you might know something about this, maybe you even have plugins to achieve what I would like to do:

    BP is a social community platform for many users.
    1:I want users to be able to create events in a calendar on frontend and inside their own profile
    2: visitors can see what events are available inside users profile
    3: visitors then can book/pay for the event (either simple join later or via code/link)
    4: when event/live stream starts that visitor can join via webcam or any suggested video plugin

    I saw some events planner plugins in WordPress repository but they only have calendar part of what I want to do. I do not know how to connect the calendar with the video/stream functionality and besides I do not even know how to make users be able to see each other on camera.
    I do not mind paying for plugins as long as I know that they do what I want and are of good quality.

    Would be nice if you could direct me in a direction or even recommend some plugins.
    Thank you.

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