Multisite & MediaPress Issues

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    Mike on #4598

    Hey guys,

    First of all, I’d like to thank the developers for making what seems like a very promising medium for front-end media uploding.

    With that in mind, I’m having some trouble integrating MediaPress into my multisite instillation.
    I have the mediapress plugin installed on my primary site and a single subdomain.

    The MediaPress upload function seems to be working properly on my primary site. But that’s around the time things start to go bad.

    1. First issue I noticed relates to the lightbox. The lightbox appears behind the black overlay instead of in-front of it. I’m sure I can take care of that with some CSS edits.

    2. When the media is displayed in the lightbox, the text accompanying the upload isn’t displayed. Is that normal, and can that be adjusted in the MediaPress settings?

    3. Any media uploaded to the subdomain via the Activity Feed is not displayed on the front end, but it is uploaded to my WP Media Directory. Media only appears on the frontend (and in the backend MediaPress Gallery) if content is uploaded directly to the Gallery section of a user’s profile.

    4. Media uploaded to a site seems to be exclusive to that domain. Even as a super admin, the media I’ve successfully uploaded to the primary website can only be viewed on the primary website. The BuddyPress Activity stream will display the accompanying text of the post, minus the media attached to it.

    To be clear, my intention with both the primary domain and the sub domain is synchronization. The sub domain will ultimately act as a “child site” to the primary. With that in mind, I hope to make media management a “two way street.” The user needs to be able to access and upload photos and videos on either platform, appearing in galleries and activity co-dependently. Would that be possible with MediaPress?

    BuddyPress is multi-site enabled, my host is WP Engine. My current theme is BuddyBoss.

    Primary domain: http://upyourfitnessinc.com
    secondary: http://mobile.upyourfitnessinc.com

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    Brajesh Singh on #4599

    Hi Mike,
    Thank you for posting.

    1.It seems you have BuddyPress with MultiBlog mode enabled. MediaPress uses normal WordPress attachment as media file, that means the media files are specific to the sub blogs/sites on the network. I am sorry, but MediaPress does not support having all Media at one site in case of Multi Blog mode.

    Also, I noticed that perhaps you are using RT Media/mediaPress both. Please only use one of these.

    About Blank White Space:- The space is for listing comments. I am sorry but the current MediaPress does not allow removing it. I will have it fixed in another update. For now, you can use css to fix it.

    Hope that helps.


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