MyCred add-on not removing points when deleting media


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    Corrado on #24784

    Hi there
    After the amazing support received with my first question here’s another one. ☺️
    I’ve installed the myCred add-on plugin and I could add the mediapress hook.
    I’ve set 6 points for new media and -6 for removing media.
    When I add a picture it works correctly, but when I remove a picture then I don’t see the points being removed.
    The version of add-on plugin I have installed: 1.0.0

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    Brajesh Singh on #24791

    Hi Corrado,
    Thank you for the question. It seems more like an issue with different versions. Please allow our team to check and report back to you by tomorrow.

    Thank you

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    Corrado on #24807

    Thanks a lot Brajesh!

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