Need Help with buddypress core files (advanced user question)

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    Robert on #12574

    Merry Christmas everybody hope all having a great time. I need help from experienced buddypress coders to point me in the right direction. I can’t seem to get replies on main buddypress forum but would be very grateful if anyone can help. I am looking to do 2 things.

    1. Break affect after every activity post?

    I am looking to create a break effect after every activity post. So like a bubble system every time somebody posts activity there is a break line which shows the background.

    The conclusion I have come to in able to do this is to create a new (#div) and make the (opacity 0).
    Problem I am having is how to replicated that (#div) after every activity post?

    Image in the link below shows the red bars where I am looking to create a space (after every activity post) where the background image will display in that gap and it looks like a bubble effect on every activity post.


    2. Placing Ad underneath item-header?

    Trying to find out how to work this out using buddypress core. I have tried creating a new div in the home.php in default theme directory. But it is not working? Anyone with coding experience that could point me in the right direction via buddypress core files which I could put an ad underneath item-header and above item-nav?

    I have attached an image link and marked in red the section I mean. Be very appreciative if any buddypress coders can lend a helping hand.


    Hope someone can help me achieve my last 2 goals for buddypress. Would be ever so grateful!

    Buddypress Version: 2.9.2
    Theme: Buddy

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    Ravi on #12576

    Hello Robert,

    Merry Christmas and WelCome to BuddyDev. Things you are looking can be easily doable. Just follow the following steps

    Step 1. For showing the ads before user navigation. Just copy the ‘home.php’ file and paste it to the active theme in a manner like




    and paste ads code before <div id=”item-nav”> this line

    Step 2: To add div in activity loop. Just copy the ‘entry.php’ file and paste it to the active theme in a manner like




    and do the modifications.

    Please let me know. if it works or not.

    Thank You

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    Robert on #12579

    Awesome! Thank you ravi for the reply.

    I will give it a try later tonight and let you know if all goes smoothly.

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