New custom Profile field for Xpfile Cutom fields

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    Andric van Es on #35210

    I’m looking to find a solution to create an admin only Custom profile field with for your Buddypress Xprofile Custom field types.

    This is a new functionality that can open up a whole new functionality for the plugin.

    Basically I (as admin) want to create a( for the member non editable profile field) button where the admin can pre-set the its url (for example Book Me button that will open up a pop up form).

    Or to add a preset non editable drop down tab where the admin can use the wordpress test of block editor to create the content of that field for exampel to or add a short code (for a form).

    Bassically be able to add field to the profile field that is only editable for the admin.

    This will open a whole new functionality to the profile pages and to your Xpfile field plugin.

    Please advise or redirect me to a developer who can create such functionality for your plugin.

    Thank you in advance for your consideration.

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