New Private Message Rate Limiter option

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    calu on #28575

    Hi Brajesh, I have a question or suggestion, to expand the functionality of the Private Message Rate Limiter.

    This plugin is originally made to limit users from flooding other users with messages, but it can be used for restricting messages as an asset as well. I’m using the message by user role, and it is working very well, but I ran into a situation, where I could need some ekstra options here.

    E.g. if you as admin, want to change the message limitation, up or down for a user role, like in a campaign offer to get new members. As it is, changing the amount of messages for a user role will affect existing users as well, which of course is not what you want.
    Is there a way of keeping the limitation for existing users, until the time period set, is expired, so the new limitation set by admin, only affects new users of the same user role?

    I want to hear your opinion on, if this is achievable or not?


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    Brajesh Singh on #28771

    Hi Carsten

    I am sorry, I missed to reply you.

    It is possible but it will need us to have some way to differentiate between the two users(old and new) and we will also need to setup 2 different limits.

    I do not think the plugin can handle it without major changes.


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