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    Jimmy Cheung on #49890

    Hello Bev,

    I am using Member Type Pro. It has been stopped working for long time. Can you help me to see what’s missing?


    I set 2 different page, Female and Male

    Member Type Name: Female , Male
    Plural Label: Females , Males
    Singular Label: Female , Male

    [ ] Enable Directory?
    Directory Slug: [EMPTY]
    On First Login, Redirect to: [EMPTY]
    On Login, Redirect to: [EMPTY]
    On Account activation, Redirect to: [EMPTY]
    Set default landing tab for user profile: NO
    Select Group [EMPTY]


    [X] Is active?
    [X] List in directory?


    Then, this is what I set From the Profile Fields

    I chosen: Single Member Type

    Which member types to list in field option? [x]Only selected

    [X] females
    [X] Males
    Link the profile displayed data to member type directory? [Yes]
    Allow users to change their member type after registration? [No]
    Default value? [None]

    This field should be available to:

    [X] female
    [X] Male
    [X] Users with no member type


    Also, I am using this function in the bp-custom

    Can you help me what’s wrong and what did I do wrong?

    Please help,

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    Brajesh Singh on #49904

    Can you please ensure the following and test

    1. Make sure to use the latest version of the plugin
    2. Switch to a default WordPress theme to try.

    The custom code may not work if you have a highly customized theme which filter members directory.


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