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    I am using BuddyPress Moderation Tools to automatically place all BuddyBoss activity and comments in moderation. The problem is that members receive notification for new activity or comments as soon as it’s posted rather than after moderation occurs. Is there a way to alter notifications so that they are only sent after moderation approval and blocked for moderation rejects?

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    Brajesh Singh on #41031

    Hi Shanon,
    Thank you for using the plugin.

    Even though I understand your need, get it to work seamlessly is challenging. In WordPress, plugins use various hooks to perform actions.

    In case of activity:-
    – Moderation tool is hooking to new activity and putting it in moderation.
    – BuddyBoss is also hooking to the activity for notifying.
    – Other plugins may hook to do other actions.

    The problem is we do not know what others can do on this action. We can restrict some of the known actions though.

    Coming to your issue:-

    The problem is that members receive notification for new activity or comments as soon as it’s posted rather than after moderation occurs

    1. I am not sure I understand this. By default, there should be no notification for new post unless a user is mentioned in that.

    2. Do you want us to stop specific notifications(local, email) for replies? We can do that will some addition code.

    Please do note that we will not be able to delay the notification. It will be like disabling the notification. Re-creation of the notifications is bound to have issue in future to to changed state(creation to editing).


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    Notifications are sent out for a variety of reasons such as: someone commented on the user’s post, someone posted in a group the user has joined, someone posted to the user’s timeline, someone tagged the user, etc. Our users get the notification but cannot see the activity while it’s in moderation. This is a serious issue considering it makes our platform seem broken to our users when notifications are being clicked on real-time but our moderation needs time to review it so notifications appear to be sent for nothing.

    We don’t want to remove notifications, but we need to them to be dependent on the moderation outcome. If a moderator approves it, then the notification is sent; if a moderator rejects it, then the notification is not sent. This should apply to both local and email notifications. I have a hard time understanding how moderation can be of any use if it means notifications are sent to users before they can even see it, especially when some of those notifications are for activity that was rejected in moderation.

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    Brajesh Singh on #41043

    HI Shanon,
    Thank you for your feedback.

    You are not using the plugin for its intended use case. This is a community moderation and reporting plugin. Once a content is hidden by reporting, it behaves as expected. what happens on other social platforms(e.g facebook if a page or group is hidden, the link shows that the content is not available). Even if someone has a previous link to the resource, they won’t be able to access it. we follow the same strategy.

    We do have the auto moderation option but I realize that is more trouble than the worth. The problem is happening because of the auto moderation setting for activity comments. Since auto moderation is on, the comment is hidden as soon as it is created but the notifications are sent.

    As a 3rd party plugin developer, We can remove the known core action but we are not in the position to re-create the notifications. We can forcibly do it but This will be problematic if the BuddyBoss/BuddyPress changes that in future. So, we are not in favour of that.

    Also, Just to be sure:- The core of BudddyBoss/BuddyPress send notification only on commenting on activity/mentioning. It does not create notifications for group posting etc. You are probably using 3rd party plugins for that and that’s what I have referred to. There can be any number of plugins adding notifications on new activity. There is no unified API to stop them.

    The simple solution in your case will be to set the auto moderation off for activity comments but keep it on for everything else.


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