Notification is not done by BuddyPress

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    CleanGist on #40697

    This is just a follow up to let you know that I am still expecting your reply to my questions above.


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    Brajesh Singh on #40724

    Thank you

    1.) Will you try to make this Full Confirmation Feature possible?

    I am sorry, We do not plan that. It was a tiny plugins and we do not even see the need for this plugin. Most of the theme should take care of and a plugin even for basic confirmation is not a great idea. The plugin is from around 2010 when things were very different for the community.

    It is not about whether it can be done or not, it is about is it really something that should be done inside a 3rd party plugin even in 2021.

    2.) I think I know that you Sir(Brajesh Singh) seem to have a close connection with the Core Developers of BuddyPress.

    Not much. We have been working for the longest time with BuddyPress, so we do have basic familiarity and respect for the devs.

    Whether I or you request a feature, it will have almost same priority. It’s opensource community and I do not believe there will be much preference given to any specific request unless that helps the core BuddyPress plugin.

    3.) A theme is in better position to do that(and we are planning this type of feedback for our future theme)

    Are you saying that you are coming up with a BuddyPress Theme?

    Yes, It is a long process for now but yes.

    3b.) What mad arse features should we expect from this Theme? Or is there a Roadmap and Feature Request Page where we can drop Feature Requests

    Not like any traditional BuddyPress theme. But it is going to take a lot of time as the UI features are disproportionate to hat BuddyPress offers currently and we have to work on them.

    4a.) Can you not expand this plugin and give it unlimited power to do much more than it presently does?

    I am very sorry. we have limited time and there are other tasks with higher priorities. I wish, we could do that.

    b.) Can you not make it act in the way I’ve needed it to act?

    The plugin is not aimed for extending User Notifications. It is aimed at requesting confirmation before the user performs some kind of destructive action. We won’t be able to use it for extension notification.

    I am very sorry that we are not of much help with your requests.


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