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    Debbie Lominick on #45423

    Is it possible to set up some options for moderators when they do NOT approve a post? Right now all they can do is delete it and an automatic e-mail is sent to the person who wrote the post. The e-mail may or may not reflect the accurate reason for deleting the post. Therefore, if when a moderator clicks delete a screen could appear that will allow us to NOT send an e-mail, to send an e-mail with modifications, or to send the canned e-mail message.

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    Brajesh Singh on #45428

    Hi Debbie,

    Thank you for the question.

    The automatic mail can be configured per item type(and enabled/disabled by site admins).

    The plugin does not have a way to provide the further discussion on it and that’s one of the reasons why we make the email addresses of the reported as well as reporting user visible.

    Since a help desk/communication is beyond our current scope, we assume that having the email available will allow moderators communicate via other channels.

    I am not sure how do we incorporate the option to toggle notifications as the deletion/cleaning are link/url actions not a form submission.

    We will try to explore changing it in future.


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