[Resolved] Notifications choice/s in BuddyPress Moderation Tools

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    LX M on #17241

    Hey guys 🙂
    just strolling my first round thru your fine plugin + one of the first things jumping right at me is that notifications don’t create notifications bubbles, neither in backend (like comments would) nor on a buddypress enabled theme (which, of course, is not primarily your responsibility).

    The interface to edit user messages is fine 🙂 but : how about you add a select for
    “Notification on this :
    [ ] by eMail
    [ ] by bubble
    [ ] both”

    Just a notion. hth 🙂 Cheers! LX

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    Brajesh Singh on #17242

    Hi LX M,

    Welcome to BuddyDev forums and thank you for using the BuddyPress Moderation tools.

    It’s a good suggestion. We have email notifications for each of the notifiable type(on various actions like report and hide for admin).

    Should we add a settings for each of the notifiable type or a global setting? Also, I think adding notification( one notification for hidden items and one for reported items) will be nice. Wghat do you suggest.

    We do have a major update for this plugin coming this month and I will be happy to have it.


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    LX M on #17391

    Hello Brajesh
    + thank you for getting back to me re this.
    Intuitively, I would have expected this to be like the other options, i.e. decideable per type of activity; I was thinking, that maybe an admin team might find themselves preferring different notifications for different occurrences – but I may be off with that subjective notion.

    re hidden vs reported: I would think this to be dependent on the subjective urgency each of those might cause. I’d expect a community member to maybe find it important enough to receive a mail once something is hidden; and not only find out the next time they happen to log on and notice the bubble.
    Again, strongly subjective; hence I would suggest to make it so that the individual admin crew can set this according to their individual circumstance/s and requirement/s;

    makes sense?

    Happy to hear there’s an update scheduled;
    I have another suggestion to contribute, but will do so on a separate thread as this is a separate issue.
    Cheers + thank you for the great work so far. (y)


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    Brajesh Singh on #17395

    Thank you for the suggestions.

    I am considering adding a global option and not adding BuddyPress specific notification as BuddyPress Notification does not make sense for administrative purpose.

    I will leave the room open for a possible BuddyPress notification implementation or implementation of notification to 3rd party channels by leaving some hook there.

    Thank you

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    LX M on #17401

    I will have to see how that plays out 🙂 + thank you for your consideration; looking forward to the release.
    Cheers! 🙂 LX

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