[Resolved] Notify Friends When a User Posts

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    I would love to have the ability to NOTIFY a user’s FRIENDS when a user posts to their personal activity stream.

    It would also be nice if a FRIEND is in the same GROUP and the user posts in the group newsfeed, that the FRIEND would also be notified.

    A PLUS would be the ability of users to determine if they want to be notified of their friend’s posts (personal and/or group).

    I installed and tried using the “Facebook Like User Activity Stream” plugin. It doesn’t really do notifications that I could determine. I have BuddyBoss and it already has a place to display FRIEND posts, but it doesn’t do notifications either.

    I think this is something that many sites would find useful. I don’t need push notifications, just the ability to see a notification in my notification list.

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    Thank you for posting. Does you have a look on Group Activities Notifier plugin. If not, Please have a look here:


    Please let me know if it full-fills your requirements.


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