[Resolved] Notify particular user from Admin in BuddyPress

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    Dandy Jefferson on #7729

    Hi, there

    Thanks for the previous helps and suggestions.

    I just met a situation that I need to send messages to a particular user from admin to notice him/her some information. But I used a highly custom theme and 3rd party chat plugin which don’t have site-wide notice or any default notifications. (I hide WordPress Toolbar)

    What I want to do is to let this particular user know some information. Ideally, it’s better to popup a window and show the information when this user log in.

    So, I’m wondering do you have any suggestions about this feature? Do you know any of plugins will provide functions similar to this?

    Thank you very much.

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    Brajesh Singh on #7758

    Hi Dandy,
    I am sorry but I don’t see any solution available that allows doing it for individual user. There are plugins available that target users based on roles but nothing like this.

    Is this notice generic or should it be specific to user user?

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    Dandy Jefferson on #7861

    Hi, Brajesh

    Thanks for your reply. it should be specific to user.

    Anyway, I found a compromised approach which is based on user roles. My approach is to create a new user role and assign it as additional user role to this specific user. So, basically only this user has this user role, the notice is assigned to this user role but in this scenario, it equals only this user can see this message.

    Thank you anyway and hope you have a good day!

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